What's new in gb, 2015-08-03

An update on the changes that have landed in gb in the last month.

Progress on gb was slow in July due to travel and GopherCon, but things are getting back up to speed.

Two features have landed in gb vendor which are worth noting.

gb vendor restore

Adrià Casajús has added a new subcommand to gb-vendor, restore.

The intent of the restore command is to support project owners who do not want to include a full copy of their dependencies in their project’s repository.

Users of gb projects that use this facility should run gb vendor restore each time after updating their working copy. For example

git pull && gb vendor restore

Please try this feature and leave feadback in the issue tracker,

Closes issue #175.

gb fetch supports url schemes

gb vendor fetch now supports an optional scheme when fetching. For example

gb vendor fetch https://github.com/pkg/sftp

This may be useful for project owners who need to fetch dependencies from private locations which do not react well to gb’s probing to discover the repository scheme.

This extension is only available on fetch, all other commands continue to work on import paths.

See the documentation for full details.


Thanks to Steven Harris for copy editing large portions of the getgb.io website.