What's new in gb, 2015-08-12

An update on the changes that have landed in gb in the last fortnight.


  • gb no longer unconditionally rebuilds main packages. Previously gb would always rebuild and link main packages (commands) unconditionally, following the rationale that you asked gb to build something, so it did. This was cute, but for projects with a large number of commands, this would consume a large amount of wall time for no real benefit. The end result is issuing gb build twice should produce no effect the second time. Closes issue #294.
  • gb now honors #cgo CFLAGS directives which has build errors with several popular packages, most notably sqlite3. Closes issue #290
  • cross-compilation support is high on the todo list, please follow the cross-compilation milestone for further details.
  • many bug fixes, see the commit log for details.


  • a bug vendoring sub packages from code.google.com has been fixed. Closes issue #296

Integration tests

Work continues on improving integration tests. This work is aimed at improving coverage for complicated build scenarios, specifically cgo coverage.


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