gb version 0.4.4 released

gb version 0.4.4 is a bugfix release for the previous 0.4.3 release.

The 0.4 series focuses on improvements to project dependency management.

New features (since 0.4.3)

  • depfile now supports tag=sometag in addition to version=semver. See #629
  • gb now uses the go/build package for parsing source code. The previous importer introduced over the Dec 2015 break has been removed. No user visible change is expected.
  • @gliptak has added a bunch of code hygiene tools to the CI process, and subsequently fixed a lot of style and hygiene issues. Thanks!

Bug fixes (since 0.4.3)

  • gb-vendor no longer gets tripped up when a package refers to the copy of vendored in the Go standard library after Go 1.6. Fixes #635
  • gb-vendor now ignores invalid XML after tag when parsing vanity imports. Fixes #643. Thanks @seh
  • gb now builds cgo packages correctly on distributions that default to -PIE mode. Fixes #607. Thanks @rdwilliamson
  • gb-vendor now refuses to accept more than one argument when the -all flag is used. Thanks @nubunto
  • gb-vendor restore now operates in parallel. Thanks @gsquire
  • gb test now works with Go 1.8. Fixes #690. Thanks to @freeformz for the test case.

For more details, please consult the 0.4.4 release notes available on Github.