What's new in gb, 2015-06-01

A quick update on the new plugins and features that have landed over the previous week.

New commands and plugins

  • gb generate Fixes #148, runs go generate in the current working directory.

  • gb vendor fetch now supports -revision and -branch, thanks to Dávid Kaya Fixes #161

    % gb vendor fetch -branch master -revision 2788f0dbd16903de03cb8186e5c7d97b69ad387b github.com/kr/fs
    We still only have support for github.com repos, but are working on adding support for vanity imports and the other usual repo locations now.

  • gb doc, runs go doc inside your gb project.

  • gb vendor list, similar to gb list, but gives you access to the contents of the manifest file

    % gb vendor list
    github.com/kr/fs        https://github.com/kr/fs        master  2788f0dbd16903de03cb8186e5c7d97b69ad387b