What's new in gb, 2015-06-04

A quick update on the changes that have landed since the start of June.

Updated documentation

cmd/gb and cmd/gb-vendor have updated documentation, unifying the website, godoc and the cli help text. Visit godoc.org, cmd/gb, cmd/gb-vendor, to read the updated documentation.

gb vendor purge

Thanks to Dávid Kaya, the gb vendor plugin now has a new subcommand, purge. gb vendor purge will remove any vendored dependency that is not referenced by code in $PROJECT/src.

gb vendor fetch

Support for Mercurial repositories, and import paths with the bitbucket.org prefix (git and hg supported) has been added.

Vanity import paths

gb vendor fetch now supports custom remote import paths, otherwise known as vanity imports. This unblocks gb users waiting on support for import urls like golang.org/x Fixes 178