What's new in gb, 2015-07-01

An update on the changes that have landed in gb in the last fortnight.

Progress has been slowed by preparations for GopherCon, we’ll be back to full speed later in July.


Fancy a gb sticker ? Come and say Hi at GopherCon next week, or GoSF the week after, or OSCON the week after that.

gb vendor fetch now defaults to recursive fetching

The big change that landed since the last update is gb vendor fetch will now recursively fetch dependencies. This behaviour is the default. You can use -no-recurse to disable recursive fetching.

gb fetch supports -tag

gb vendor fetch now supports one of the following

  • -revision
  • -branch
  • -tag

See the documentation for full details.

Support for insecure protocols

gb vendor now supports fetching remote metadata and DVCS repositories over insecure protocols, cough http cough.

This feature is not enabled by default, please consult the documentation for details.

gb vendor update

Updating from one copy of a dependency to another comes with several restrictions. The first is you can only update to the head of the branch your dependency was vendored from, switching branches is not supported. The second restriction is if you have used -tag or -revision while vendoring a dependency, your dependency is “headless” (to borrow a term from git) and cannot be updated.

To update across branches, or from one tag/revision to another, you must first use gb vendor delete to remove the dependency, then gb vendor fetch [-tag | -revision | -branch ] to replace it.

gb-vendor is now feature complete

With the completion of the features above I’m declaring the gb-vendor plugin feature complete and am moving back to working on the core of gb. This is not to say that new gb-vendor features will not be landed in the future, but none are currently planned.

As always, pull requests (after discussion) are warmly welcomed.

Please consult the gb-vendor milestone for more details.


Congrations to Dávid Kaya for completing his batchelor’s examinations.


Thank you to the growing list of gb contributors. You’re awesome.