What's new in gb, 2015-06-16

An update on the changes that have landed in gb in the last fortnight.

Blog posts


  • Initial pkg-config support (for cgo), updates #121, #162, #167

gb vendor

Most of the development effort over the last fortnight has been focused on finishing gb-vendor.

  • Added support for host/path.(git|hg|bzr) forms, fixes #182.
  • Added support for code.google.com repos, but you shouldn’t use them. Fixes #220.
  • fetch will bail out early if the dependency is already vendored. Fixes #187. Thanks Dávid Kaya.
  • fetch now supports -tag. Fixes #209.
  • fetch / update are now less noisy when cloning git repos.
  • fetch / update now accept repositories with single letter package names. Fixes #203. Thanks Hubert Krauze.
  • The update subcommand documentation has been updated to clarify its intended use.
  • Added support for fetching from repositories via insecure methods, see the documentation for fetch / update for details. Fixes #207.


Thanks to (in no particular order)

  • Dávid Kaya
  • Hubert Krauze