The Best Tools for Advanced Instagram Work

With nearly 1 billion active users every month, Instagram is among the most relevant social networks around the world today. For this reason, there are more and more free and paid tools explicitly developed to improve the way you and your company use this platform to communicate with the public.

We’ve separated some of the most powerful tools on the market for working with Instagram. Find out if your communication strategy is correct, analyze your audience’s desires and feelings, optimize your posts, and get the best out of this social network with the websites below:

Instasize Photo Editor + Video

Instasize is a powerful photo and video editor for Android and iOS with the potential to change the image of your Instagram profile completely. With it, you’ll be able to do everything you ever wanted when editing your photos: an almost infinite library of filters and effects that you can apply, all inspired by famous photographers’ visual identity around the world.


This leading marketplace, where you can find all necessary services to boost your online presence, build a healthy media image and widen your target audience, is the first step towards your success on the popular social networks. Socialsup helps to overjump your main competitors, organically promoting your content. And if you are looking for affordable ways to push your video-posts to the top of the search feed, then the proposition to buy Instagram views is your lucky ticket.


Just imagine a platform where you simply manage all aspects of your IG page and all your social networks. Designed especially for companies and brands that need to manage their posts and all activities on their networks professionally, HootSuite brings together everything in one place. You can schedule postings, track and respond to public comments, check statistics, and many other things.

Instagram Feed WD

It consists of an essential plugin for companies and brands that want to integrate their company’s Instagram or the photos of their products with any specific campaign website. Being very easy to use, you can embed your profile on Instagram or a hashtag to a web page while still being able to choose from several different layouts and templates to apply one that matches your company’s visual identity. As if that weren’t enough, Instagram Feed WD also allows you to display only part of your feed or merge it with hashtags, mentions, and other media on the platform.


The idea behind this tool is to enhance the organic growth of your Instagram account, doing this through actions commanded by you and directed to specific posts or accounts that are part of your target audience. In order to find these accounts, the tool scans the social network for the parameters you have selected, such as hashtags, location, followers of one or more pages, people who comment on competitor profiles, etc. Combin allows you to do several actions in bulk or individually. It also has features like mass comments, but with different texts, scheduling actions and tasks, among other things, and for free! Premium users, however, have fewer limits and can manage up to 5 network accounts simultaneously. Some additional features are also found in the paid version.


This paid service with two price levels is a great way to improve your organic reach and growth on Instagram, increasing the number of page followers, and improving your engagement on the network. It works effortlessly: when you buy the service, you answer a questionnaire that will serve as a briefing to guide your claims on Instagram. Once this is done, it’ll automatically interact with the most relevant accounts and pages for your business, which will result in the substantial organic growth of your brand profile.


Currently, digital influencers, brands, blogs, and almost all types of Instagram users end up also being present on other social networks, and it’s always interesting to use each communication channel to feed and direct traffic to other networks. With Linktree, you can place a link in your Instagram bio so that visitors can access all your profiles in one place on the web. That's why Insta’s extensive profiles often say in the description of posts for people to visit the bio link. Manage and optimize your profile traffic easily and practically with this tool.


This must be the most famous of all the tools we present here, and you have certainly seen some video created by this app while scrolling your Instagram feed. It is used to create short videos of 1 second that are repeated for a while, going back and forth, hence the app’s name. It won’t be challenging to think of a 1-second video that you can make to publicize your brand.


More important than gaining new followers is managing and maintaining this base of potential customers in the best possible way. Crowdfire proposes to do just that, allowing you to control the people who follow your page in different ways. Use your resources wisely, and you’ll be able to grow and retain your follower base quickly. The tool has features such as identifying users who don’t follow you or show a tiny activity. Also, using standards and algorithms, Crowdfire recommends profiles that are potentially interested in your brand or company for you to follow.

Improve your reach and optimize your Instagram page with the right tools

Instagram is a complex and essential resource in most brands and companies’ communication strategy today, and to get the most out of it. It’s critical to know and master the right tools for your business. With so many apps and websites useful to manage your IG, be sure to use everything in your power to form the best social media strategy possible.