A project based build tool for the Go programming language.

Install gb today
go get github.com/constabulary/gb/...


  • Project based workflow
  • Automatic project detection
  • Zero configuration files
  • Works on Windows


  • Reliable, reproducible, builds without import rewriting
  • No environment variables to set
  • Multiple working copies without changing environment variables
  • Backwards compatible with $GOPATH


gb version 0.4.4 released

gb version 0.4.4 is a bugfix release for the previous 0.4.3 release. The 0.4 series focuses on improvements to project dependency management. New features (since 0.4.3) depfile now supports tag=sometag in addition to version=semver. See #629 gb now uses the go/build package for parsing source code. The previous importer introduced over the Dec 2015 break has been removed. No user visible change is expected. @gliptak has added a bunch of code hygiene tools to the CI process, and subsequently fixed a lot of style and hygiene issues.

gb version 0.4.3 released

gb version 0.4.3 adds the ability to automatically download released dependencies.

gb version 0.4.2 released

gb version 0.4.2 is a minor bug fix release which adds one new feature, nope mode. Nope mode Passing -n to gb test will cause the test binary to be compiled as per usual, however the execution will be skipped. Nope mode is conceptually the same as gb test -run=XXX (or some other non-matching regexp) but also avoids expensive initialisation if your test binaries do a lot of setup work before hitting testing.main.